Tripura Beckons Beyond Boundaries – 3rd Edition

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For centuries, Tripura, a tiny dot on the map of peninsular India, had Ian-guished in idyllic obscurity and self-sustaining contentment. A treasuia trove of rich art and culture, Tripura remained an unexplored land cocooned in its hilly serenity,
pristine peace and pastoral life till the partition of the country. Before the vivisection of the Indian sub-continent in 1947
time seemed to stand still over this pictur-esque land of currently 3.5 million people. The momentous partition of the country not only ?ooded this tiny state with problems but also created opportunities for realising its true potential in all spheres of human activities and, consequently, the state is not what it was in the a?er math of partition. Tripura is truly on the move now on the express highway of development in the true sense of the term and well on course to carving out its niche in the Indian diaspora.

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2 reviews for Tripura Beckons Beyond Boundaries – 3rd Edition

  1. Anamika Paul

    It was very helpful to know Tripura’s Boundaries

  2. Maushumi Biswas

    Itwasagreat experience to read this book

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